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SouthWorth Capital offers investment banking and financial services to its portfolio and client companies. We have a deeply rooted history in maximizing the value of small to midsize firms. We approach our services from an operator’s perspective. We partner with our portfolio and client companies for services including sell or buy side advice, negotiations, financing, or just being a sounding board who has been there before.


We understand that having investors with a shared purpose and goal is as important as the money they provide. We have been involved in structuring transactions for over 30 years. If you are looking to grow your business, diversify interests, reduce your role or retire, transition to a successor of a family business, or execute a management led buy out, we can help arrange for financing that fits your needs. Our background gives us an unusual view of the world and that is reflected in the way we help clients maximize value through structuring the capital properly. We can arrange for all levels of capital as our clients require. Through our structured approach, we can arrange for senior, mezzanine, or private capital, whichever best suits our clients.

Sell Side Assistance

We can provide advice throughout the sale process. Having faced these decisions ourselves, we can help determine if selling is your best option. If it is, we can help identify the optimal time to do so and the appropriate targets, whether they are strategic or financial buyers.  Our activity in this market gives us current views on valuations with which we can help our clients set realistic objectives whether the purpose is for financial planning or transitioning to management or the next generation ownership.

Buy Side Assistance

SouthWorth has developed multiple investment platforms based on strategic acquisitions intended to create scale, reduce concentration risks, and create wealth. It is this experience that has prepared us to manage negotiations throughout the acquisition process from Letter of Intent to closing. SouthWorth can aid with identifying opportunities or help manage the negotiations, structure, and financing of your targets.


Our background in managing and owning small to midsize businesses separates us from many Family Offices or Private Equity firms. Our experience also enables us to provide counsel on a variety of topics in regards to running a business where we have first-hand knowledge.

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