A Family Office Specializing In Private Investments

SouthWorth is a family office that evolved from our experiences owning, managing, and providing financial services for small to midsize companies. Today SouthWorth is actively involved in a variety of industries as diverse as logistics, engineering, and landscaping. Our experience allows us to act on opportunities regardless of the sector they inhabit. We apply our varied sources of capital to partner with proven and talented management teams who are committed to growth.

A recurring theme among owners of this size company is the importance of intellectual capital as well as traditional funding. Businesses of this size rarely have the mid-level executive positions to assist with strategic thinking, leaving that on the shoulders of the company’s owners. SouthWorth has developed a network of connections over the years, and we seek to enable our portfolio and client companies to capitalize on our resources. We strive to connect managers of the individual companies with each other to inspire, share, and combine forces to achieve greater levels of success.

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