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SouthWorth is first and foremost a FAMILY office. We believe that the engagement and spirit that makes a family complete includes being involved with your community, and we look for socially responsible partners  who are active in their community.

SouthWorth, our family, and our portfolio companies, are engaged at many levels of giving; not just money but time. The people who work at the companies we are involved with are coaches, mentors, and volunteers. We encourage our people to find their passion and pursue their interests not only in the workplace, but also in their community. We have employees/partners in 29 states and the District of Columbia doing exceptional work for their clients and still finding time to make a difference in their communities. They have taken active roles in supporting education, youth athletics, and battling against cancer and MS. Whether they are delivering toys to a children’s hospital, joining community walks for a cause, or going on mission trips inside and outside the country, we are humbled by their efforts.

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